with Isis Cahaus

Artist & muse

Where are you from?

I’m from Caracas, Venezuela but I live in Peru.

What is the history behind your name?

My parents had me and took one year to name me… so I was nameless for a year. My first name is Isis after the Egyptian goddess. My parents thought it was easy to pronounce and write and they also wanted me to be a painter, so it would be easy to sign my paintings.

What is your craft?

I’m a fashion design student but I really enjoy making ceramics


What is your favorite eyde piece? And why?

All the pieces are very beautiful and I like the inspiration behind them. I’ve grown very fond of the red glass earrings. They look so delicious, like strawberry candy, and elegant. They sparkle in the sun.


Photos: Sophia Schrank

_DSC3701-Edit copy.jpg

How did you find or begin your craft?

My mom is a fashion designer & she would take me to the factory & fashion shows with her. I got into ceramics when I moved to Peru. My friend took me to his friend’s studio. He was cute & offered to teach me; we’re friends now.

_DSC3612 copy.jpg

Tell us one thing about yourself we don’t know!

I studied mixology and wine tasting so I can make any cocktail as long as I’m not in the US cause I’m not 21 yet! And I was in etiquette and beauty school for 5 years in Venezuela.

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