with Claudia & Kat

Mother & Daughter

How do care for each other?

Claudia: I check in on Kat all day long!

Kat: We tell each other every time we see each other that we love each other. I notice a lot of my friends don't do that with their parents. I think It’s important for a child to hear and it’s important for a mother to hear. And we hug each other!

What do people always have permission to do in your home?

Claudia: Everyone has permission to cook and create. I really encourage creating, listen to music, dancing, and singing. Kat was always too shy to sing out loud. Not when she was little though. Once she turned 7 I was convinced she had stopped practicing until the neighbors made a comment about her beautiful voice. It turned out that she was singing whenever she was alone and they could hear her next door!

What is something you are dying to do together?

Claudia & Kat: We want to take a trip on our own. We also want to go horseback riding!


Photos: Sophia Schrank

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