with Isis & Paul


Isis and Paul are siblings and best friends. We caught up with Isis while she was visiting Los Angeles from Lima, Peru where she studies fashion design and practices ceramics.

What’s something that you guys are excited to do together?

Sky dive!

Isis: We have been talking about it ever since we got here. Paul says he is going to push me!

What do people always have permission to do in your house?

Music, art, and video games.

Paul: We often have family meetings where Isis plays tambourine, sings and dances. I play bass and sing and our older brother plays guitar!


What is something about Isis that always surprises you?

She’s always changing her hair and her vibe changes along with it so it’s interesting to see what’s next!


Favorite place to be in LA together?

Venice Beach. We usually hang around and eat all day!


Photos: Sophia Schrank

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